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Niche Creative Design

Modern Notes on Making Money Online

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I have merged my niche content passions with my digital art hobby to create a profitable side-gig lifestyle.


I'm Renee Walton, formerly of MomsMakingMoney.

My new jam is niche creative design for fun and profit!

My niche creative design projects include:

  • niche notebooks and journals

  • niche printables and templates

  • niche blogs with online stores

  • niche Instagram accounts with shoppable feeds

Notice that magical word that leads to my profitable projects?

"Niche" or "Who it is for"

Niche products have a laser-focused design for a select micro-market.


Shoppable Instagram Account for Cat Lovers, Lined Notebook for Pin Collectors, Prayer Journal for Kids, Printable To-Do List for a Summer Wedding, Blog for Indie Jewelry Designers.

Through chiseling down to a micro-market, I am actually mining for gold.  Micro-markets, or niches, weed out the masses that would not be interested in my creative project and then targets the smaller audience who would happily pay for the items I am offering.

Here is the magic: These smaller audiences follow, engage, and buy.  Now we are talking!

There are so many different ways of making money online.  However, the four creative mediums I mentioned above are simple for me to do, fun to create, and scalable for increased income opportunities.  Simply said, I"m making money online with these niche creative designs

If you are looking for a digital design outlet that can also give you extra cash and enjoy learning new money-making skills--then hang around to take a digital course to get tips on what you need to create a fun niche creative design side-gig business.

NOTE: This site is being reimagined with a relaunch in July 2022.