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"The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness." Joan Miró


I am

a suburban "boy-mom" living in Southern California.

Disneyland is my playground and shopping at Target is my weekly Zen.  I've declared myself a permanent stay-at-home-in-my-comfies-laptop-is-my-six-figure-money-maker-call-before-you-drop-by-rainbow-unicorn-queen-mama.


I am a chromesthetic empath.

I am a friendly introvert.


Most of all, I am committed to a successful and flexible online career as a full-time low content book publisher and a part-time content marketer.


At home, comfortable with my laptop and kiddo, is my happy place.

I have been a work-at-home-schooling mom in some fashion for the past 18 years. 


I have tried many online business models and experienced great success and some failure over the years.


However, through the work-from-home journey, I have found that independent journal and notebook design aligns beautifully with my independent online social selling career.


I love the creativity, profitability, and freedom it allows me.

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LAUNCHED August 2019

Consider this my "Pay it Forward" site.  I am so grateful that my bestie told me about LCP that I want to make sure that you know about it too! 

I have been "mom-ing" for 18 years now. All of those years I have worked my butt off to be able to afford to be a stay at home mom.  It was exhausting keeping up with a marketing/consulting business, household responsibilities, and homeschooling.


I wish someone had told me about notebook design years ago. I'd have thousands of books published by now.  

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LAUNCHED Late May 2019

This is how I pay my bills. 

I am an online marketer for Stella & Dot Family Brands.  I create social media content for the brand as an independent jewelry stylist and skin care specialist.  Social selling and brand marketing are a couple of my core strengths and I have excelled in many direct sales industry projects, which has led me to my fabulous gig with Stella & Dot, LLC.


My focus is on building a substantial style blog boutique business through the Stella & Dot brand-- 100% online using targeted SEO platforms and teaching a select group of women how to do the same.