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Create Notebooks to Sell

For a Passive Income Lifestyle

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I have merged my addiction to pretty niche notebooks and journals with my digital art hobby to create a profitable passive income lifestyle.

I'm going to tell you all about my passive income journey, but first!...



I'm Renee Walton, from sunny Southern California.

I digitally create notebooks to sell for fun and profit.

Niche notebooks and journals have a focused design for a select market.  Examples: Notebooks for Dentists, Prayer Journals for Men, September Wedding Guest Books, Monthly Planners for Jewelry Designers, etc.

These books are digitally created using design applications like Canva Pro and then uploaded to an on-demand printing service, such as Amazon's Kindle Direct Printing.


Since it's an "on-demand" printing service, there is no overhead or inventory.  Moreover, the printing fees are captured when the individual book is purchased.

Understanding how to create notebooks to sell

for passive income could change EVERYTHING

you know about making extra money online

If you can manage easy design applications like Canva Pro on your laptop (on your own schedule, BTW), then you can learn how to create notebooks to sell and build a profitable passive income online l-- just like I do!

Does this sound interesting to you?

If not, I totally get it, and I'm thrilled that you stopped by for a visit! Be sure to pick up a copy of my latest journal, Script It: A 90-Day Spiritual Law of Attraction Scripting Technique.

But if you want to hang out and learn more, TERRIFIC! 

Next, you can read how I stumbled upon creating niche notebooks while lunching with a friend.

So why am I telling you about this excellent way to make extra money creating notebooks to sell on Amazon? 


I feel so blessed that this was introduced to me that I want to pay it forward in an organized process that is easy to follow and quick to apply.  


I want to give anyone interested a fast way to set out on their niche notebook and journal design journey to add funds to their savings account without leaving the comfort of their home.

If you are looking for a more flexible passive income lifestyle and enjoy learning new money-making skills -- then hang around to read my blog on what you need to create notebooks to sell.



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