25 Things to Do with Pretty Paper Notebooks

Hello. I’m Renee and I’m a notebook and pen addict!

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I go weak in the knees when I stumble across pretty paper notebooks while I’m out shopping.

Opening a blank notebook to write in with my sparkly pen is incredibly exciting. They are not only comfortable to write in, but they are also portable.

I always keep a couple by my bedside and a small one in my purse.

But after a few weeks the thrill subsides and then I want to buy new ones.

I'm truly addicted to sparkly things, but this addiction stemmed from the possibilities that the blank pages bring, but not immediately knowing what to do with the pretty paper notebooks after I buy them. So, I made a list… in my latest fancy notebook!

Thinking about all the things I can do with pretty paper notebooks has helped me get the best use from them. Now I have a notebook for just about everything. GIF

If you can’t decide on what to write in your pretty paper notebooks, here’s my list of ideas to give you inspiration. Warning! This list will probably cause you to want more notebooks and pens.

25 Things to Do with Pretty Paper Notebooks

1. Journaling

2. Brainstorming

3. Lists

4. Movie and Episode Reviews

5. Movies and Shows You Want to See

6. Passwords

7. Notes from Webinars and Online Courses

8. Marketing and Advertising Ideas

9. Doodling and Sketching

10. Lettering Practice

11. Story Writing

12. Songs and Poems

13. Bills Due/Bills Paid

14. Dream Journal

15. Recipes

16. Trip Planning

17. Goal Planning

18. To Do Lists

19. Mind Dump Before Bed

20. List of Books You Want to Read

21. List of Books You Have Read

22. List of Pros and Cons

23. Daily journaling

24. Affirmations and Positive Quotes

25. Law of Attraction Scripting