Create Notebooks to Sell on Amazon in Four Easy Steps

I know. I know. When I was first learning how to create notebooks to sell on Amazon, I had my doubts too. I mean seriously, how can someone make a sizeable passive income publishing a book with hardly anything in it?

Well, after some research, I found that it is so unbelievably true that even well-established authors are getting in on the fun.

Creating notebooks to sell via Kindle Direct Publishing is super easy, and you only need a few online tools to get started:

Graphic- notebook with fox on cover next to color pencils
  • an Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing account

  • bare-bones document and design creation skills

  • easy design software like my affiliate partner, Canva Pro

  • a basic understanding of how to research Amazon niches, keywords, and categories

  • a strong desire to learn new skills and then apply what you have learned

Once you have these tools in place you are ready to create notebooks to sell on Amazon

  1. Research and then select your niche market and profitable keyword ideas (this is HOW you make money)

  2. Design the book’s interior and cover using the design software of your choice, and then convert both to PDFs. (Or outsource it. Lots of publishers do.)

  3. Come up with a great title and description for your book.

  4. Upload your book to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Boom! Creating notebooks to sell IS that easy.


Ummm…yes. You probably WILL want a more detailed step-by-step guide to publish your first few niche notebooks. But not to worry! I cover your basics on this blog, so keep reading.

The reason that the super easy-as-pie method works so well for successful Amazon independent publishers is that many books need to be published to see a substantial income. Some publishers will create notebooks to sell on amazon every week.

There are still a few things to consider when scaling to a six-figure side gig, like pricing, multiple pen names, and banking information. All of it is easy and fun to figure out what works best for you.

You can hop on Amazon anytime to get inspiration for a new niche notebook or journal or to research pricing.

The pen names will probably start coming to you as you start to target niches for creating notebooks to sell. Think of them as names of different product lines.

Additionally, I suggest getting a business banking account for the dough that will start rolling in because the IRS loves that kind of effort. Smile! Now you must think about the challenges of having more income! Yay!