Find the Trending Keywords That Paper Notebook Shoppers Type on Amazon

The trending keywords are the key in finding paper notebook shoppers on Amazon.

Well, as I told you earlier on my about me page, in the beginning, I struggled with understanding the concept of creating paper notebooks to sell online. I mean, doesn’t Hallmark and Mead make notebooks and journals? How could I even begin to compete with such big publishing companies?

After many weeks of research online, I have come to realize that these big brand stationery companies do not have to concern themselves with trending keywords. They can rely solely on their brand name to bring in sales.

My offline research also revealed that the average brand name paper notebook is priced at $14.99. (That is fifteen dollars for a pretty cover filled with blank or lined interiors.)

This pricing leaves a large gap between big-brand and independent publishing. A space that independent notebook publishing is attempting to fill by becoming solutions for niche markets.

There are so many free ways to find trending keywords, but I needed to know if my idea was profitable before I created the journal.

The only way to know for sure is to gain deeper inside access to what paper notebook shoppers are looking for. I decided to invest in a keyword research tool that specializes in Amazon book searches to give me an in-depth look at my prospective market.

My keyword tool affiliate partner, Publisher Rocket, gives me real-time data that shows exactly what paper notebook shoppers type into Amazon, as well as how many people search for these types of books every month.

Using Publisher Rocket’s Keyword Feature, I learn:

Which trending keywords my potential customers type into Amazon to find my type of book

The estimated number of times someone types that keyword into Amazon each month

How much money other book publishers are making using that keyword (very important to me!)

How many other books are competing for that trending keyword and in which categories

The relevant information you and I both need to know before we start designing a notebook for our market.

I have partnered with the Publisher Rocket team as a referral affiliate because they are real people who answer their emails and publish niche notebooks too.

They know everyone learns differently, so Publisher Rocket team offers free video and printable PDF tutorials, plus other free tools to help get you started.

This is a one-time investment to discover trending keywords that you will benefit from for many years to come! Get it now!