Is the Low Content Publishing Industry Too Saturated?

When my bestie first told me about low content publishing, I was very skeptical.

Not because it sounded so simple, but because I have been caught up in “Shiny Object Syndrome” before.

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I have also had some experiences where I just came into a great opportunity way too late and found the industry saturated.

It seemed that the same thing was happening within the low content publishing industry, as well.

A lot of people jumped on the niche notebook bandwagon once they saw that a good profit could be made with very little investment. Tons of people.

And then in early 2020, there was a rumble of distant thunder throughout this industry that validated what I have always known about any business.

Quality always outperforms quantity and originality outperforms duplication.

But the thunder in the distance startled me enough to take a step back and seriously rethink publishing low content books as a serious career. Was a storm coming?


The thunder was IngramSpark announcing to their print-on-demand users that they were going to “proactively” maintain their catalog integrity by removing content that affects the reputations of their publishers.

What the heck does that mean? And will other print-on-demand platforms follow suit?

After a little more research, mostly on YouTube, I was relieved to find this change was directed at the crazy overload of publishers who are creating barley designed covers with absolutely no content inside and/or worse, copying other low content publishers’ designs.

So now my question was if there is increased competition and blatant duplication saturations to this industry, is getting into low content publishing still worth it?

Yes. Absolutely. Definitely!

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However, this is not a get rich quick scheme. I cannot throw up barely designed niche notebooks like throwing pasta on the wall to see what sticks.

If I am willing to take the time to create beautiful covers with meaningful interiors as solutions to well thought out markets, then I will be profitable and print-on-demand platforms will allow me to continue to build my low content publishing business.

Now you must make this decision for yourself based on whom low content publishing is best suited for.

  • You have a primary source of income (your bills are covered)

  • You are ready to put in the time to learn new design skills

  • You want to create high-quality niche notebooks and interiors

  • You can spend time and have patience with the entire process

  • You understand that you will only get out what you put in

  • You are a self-motivated do-it-yourselfer and enjoy creating digital projects

  • You are self-determined and consistent with your efforts

  • You are willing to adhere to Amazon’s publishing policies, terms, and conditions

  • You want to use low content publishing as a creative way to generate passive income

  • You are comfortable with the tedious task of researching niches, keywords, and categories

  • You are comfortable with building your low content publishing business slowly over time

Does this sound like you?

Remember, we tend to quit things we do not enjoy. Make sure this is bringing you joy!

If not, it’s time to consider other ways to make some extra cash.

If so, hooray! Please allow me to be of help!