Mindfulness Techniques for a Creative Business

In 2009, I took no time for mindfulness techniques while juggling my WAHM workshops, special needs homeschooling, and worrying about how the fallen economy was going to impact my continued homeownership. I easily fell into the abyss of anxiety.

I felt that I had no time for mindfulness techniques. My life ebbed and flowed much like being dragged by my hair with pauses for sleep and showering.

My goal was to use every free moment I had to build a solid online business, not realizing that steadily pushing forward with no downtime was putting a strain on my body and mind.

I put incredible pressure on myself which only resulted in more anxiety, bad decisions, mental blocks, and self-doubt.

And then, it happened. I got the worse rheumatoid arthritis flare-up of my life. Stress-related, no doubt.

Graphic- illustration of black female smiling

As part of my pain management plan, I was introduced to meditation.

Not only did it help me manage the inflammation, but it also helped me hone my mindfulness techniques throughout the day and approach my new creative business from a fresh perspective of ease which surprisingly led to quick success.

​Using mindfulness techniques does not mean you have to stop everything, sit crisscross applesauce in a quiet room for an hour. It is just taking the time to check in with yourself. Follow me on Pinterest for Mindfulness tips.

​You can easily use mindfulness techniques to keep yourself fixed in the present moment and free from stress while you build your creative business.

7 Mindfulness Techniques That I Practice Each Day

Gently Begin the Day

When I wake up, I take a couple of hours just for myself. I like to sip my tea slowly, watch TV, or read before starting my day.

I do not check emails, texts, or voicemails until I’m fully charged for the day.

Practice Affirmations and Spiritual Law of Attraction Scripting

Affirmations are a powerful way to disrupt negative thinking patterns and help connect us to our highest selves through mindfulness.

I have an app called Affirmation Reminder that allows me to type in my own meaningful affirmations. I review one or two each day while sipping my tea.

I also use a notebook to script a design for my life. This practice is a great reminder of what I want as I move through my day.

Get Moving

With my arthritis condition, I must keep limber, so my joints won’t stiffen up. Easier said than done when I’m at home typing all the time.

I decided that the best exercise for me is yoga style-stretching each day plus either walk or dance to my favorite music for at least 30 mins.

Shorten Social Media Time

My biggest mindfulness technique is that I do not jump on Facebook or the other social media platforms until later in the afternoon. I consciously get my money-making tasks completed first.

I also give myself a time limit on social media to make sure that I post more than I scroll.

Stay Close to Good People

It’s funny how some people will impose their reality onto yours. It’s not harmful unless their reality is not aligned with your vision of what you want your life to be.

I make sure that my social time is spent with people who bring joy to my life and support my goals.

Do Less During the Day with More Focus

I take things one step at a time now, so my mind is truly present in everything that I do. I also do not overload my day. Just a few focused tasks each day has produced much more financial success than a day full of tasks.

Feel Good First

I follow Dana Wilde’s Train Your Brain. She has taught me a formula that has forever enlightened my path: Mindfulness + Happiness = Success or as Dana likes to say, “Feel Good First”. I no longer push forward, slay, or hustle. I flow effortlessly.

If I feel good, then I will do good work. If I feel meh, I take the time to care for myself properly and then return to my creative business once I feel good again.