Why Are Multiple Pen Names Recommended for Creating Notebooks to Sell on Amazon?

Using multiple pen names is a game-changer for successfully creating notebooks to sell on Amazon. I would even say that it is required. However, for my first couple of months of creating notebooks, I couldn’t understand why in the world I would need to use pen names too. I have relied on my own name as my brand for years. Why should I start making up other names?

Graphic- stack of five composition notebooks

The sheer volume of people who can find any book they are looking for on Amazon boggles the mind. There is not another platform that can beat Amazon with consumer volume, product marketing, and purchasing power. Essentially, authors just publish and allow Amazon to do the marketing for them.

But, over time I have come to realize that even though discovering a hot niche/category is extremely important, the second most important step to generating a significant income by creating notebooks to sell is in the volume of publishing.

With this in mind, it is better to publish as much as you can, within as many niches as possible. With that being said, a designer performing high-volume publishing in various niches can be confusing for the Amazon consumer and a bit of a turnoff which can cause them not to buy at all. Oh no!

So, it is beneficial to use multiple pen names for the niche markets when creating notebooks to sell on Amazon. This way when your prospective customer likes a notebook you’ve authored, they can click on your pen name to see more of the same type of notebooks.

Ka-ching! Maybe your customer will buy two!

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Another reason why I recommend multiple pen names is the sheer anonymity it can offer.

Finding a super-profitable niche is like finding a diamond mine in a cave. We tend not to share a diamond mine until we have mined just about all the diamonds. Having multiple pen names will help cloak you and keep other publishers from copying your successful books as you build your niche notebook empire. That's why you will be hard-pressed to find a publisher that will share all of their pen names with anyone.


There is no right or wrong way to select your next pen name when you are creating notebooks to sell on Amazon. But here are some good practices to remember.

Since you can only have three Author Central accounts, I would recommend waiting to see which pen name hits a niche that produces top sales. You don't really need an Author Central account because Amazon will automatically link all books with the same pen name, but it's helpful if you are building a business brand with that pen name.

Make sure no one is using the same pen name BEFORE you start publishing under that name.

Consider using an alliteration (words the start with the same letter or sound the same) because they will be very easy for your market to remember.

Make sure your pen name is easy to spell and it complements the niche you are serving.