I’m Sharing My Notebook Design Resources That I Use to Create Niche Notebooks

You are going to find your own notebook design resources that you like best as you continue your creative journey. But I thought you might be interested in what I use to create niche notebooks.

Canva Pro (Affiliate Partner)

My design tool choice is Canva Pro for both notebook covers and interiors. I found it is easy, straightforward, and I had nothing else to learn to create niche notebooks right away.

I was not an affiliate partner with Canva at first, but I have taught so many mama business owners how to use this design tool that I was invited by Canva to consider an affiliate partnership.

Note: You can use ANY word/design processing software that makes you comfortable. They all work fine to create niche notebooks if your images are a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch), and you can easily convert your works of art into PDFs.

Tangent Templates

When I started out, I invested $59 to gain access to Tangent Templates, a standalone system that offers ready-made interior templates. It also gives me the correct calculations for the size of the covers based on the number of pages in my notebooks. So all I have to do is plug in the measurements on Canva Pro and start creating.

When I was a newbie, I used Canva Pro to design my covers and Tangent Templates for my interiors. I could design and successfully publish a simple journal in about 10 minutes. It’s one of my top notebook design resources that I recommend to all of my students.

Publisher Rocket (Affiliate Partner)

Research is the key to being successful, so a few weeks after I started to create niche notebooks, I decided to invest another $97 to get Publisher Rocket, another standalone system that helps find profitable keywords for bestselling niche notebooks and journals.

It works the same as how my FREE PDF COURSE shows you how to search for a lucrative market on Amazon. Yet, Publisher Rocket offers earning amounts in addition to numbers of books sold, plus a competition analyzer that gives you accurate sales information in seconds! Seconds!!! I love it so much that I also partnered with this company too.

woman sitting at desk using digital drawing tablet

Corel Painter+Wacom Tablet

Warning. This is extremely fun and addictive! Once I started making a profit creating notebooks to sell, I grabbed a Painter+Wacom Tablet bundle to advance my digital art hobby and to start creating one-of-a-kind designs for my niche notebooks.

The pen is so intuitive that it feels like I'm drawing on paper.

I also love to learn new drawing techniques through online classes with the Full Bloom Club. It’s a relaxing stress reliever for me and this tablet allows for my creative outlet without going through pounds of paper.

Creative Market (Affiliate Partner)

I use this site as my main notebook design resource because they offer beautiful backgrounds to create niche notebooks and journals.

Creative Market offers over 3 million unique fonts, graphics, themes, photos, and templates all designed by independent creators from around the world.

I love it because it is more likely that I can find original designs that are not overused in the low content publishing industry. Plus, most of the artists encourage you to tag them on social media so they can see how you used their designs. It’s a fun community.

Creative Fabrica (Affiliate Partner)

Launched in 2016, Creative Fabrica is one of my favorites for graphic design purchases.

Three reasons that I really dig their products are (1), Creative Fabrica has weekly design freebies to snag (2), most of their designs are available in an easy to convert jpeg and png format, and (3), they are more focused on Print on Demand than some of the other design sites, which is perfect for creating niche notebooks and journals.

They are the “go-to” within the crafting community and offer a more personal feel when visiting their site.

I decided to become an affiliate partner because I wanted to share the design freebies and specials with my social media followers.

Creative Fabrica also offers tons of free training guides on different creative projects, including how to promote your work on social media.

Note: Always choose commercial, extended commercial or P.O.D licenses so you will automatically have full permission to sell your designed products.

Etsy Templates (Affiliate Partner)

I love to shop Etsy shop for clean, crisp, and modern interior templates for Canva Pro. I don’t use them all of the time because I get great joy from designing my notebooks from scratch. But every so often, I need added inspiration!

Now, you may not be into the minimalist designs, or maybe you use other notebook design software. That’s okay because Etsy has thousands of interior templates that you can shop.

Did you read my blog post on side gig income? Many people make extra cash by selling only the template interiors to create niche notebooks, journals, and planners.