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10 Passive Income Ideas to Help You Generate Extra Cash


Is there a way to generate extra cash without scrambling your daily schedule?

Yep! I have a few passive income ideas that may work for you.

But first, what is passive income?

Passive income is the exact opposite of trading your time in exchange for payment..

It is money earned from an enterprise you created once, set in motion, and now needs minimal effort to keep the income coming in. Passive income is not an active income that you rely on to pay your monthly bills or mortgage. But it can be the extra cash you need to pay off those debts, pad your savings, or pay for additional entertainment expenses.

Some confuse passive income with active income because you can scale passive income to 5-6 figures, depending on the model. However, the two most significant identifiers of passive income are 1) you do not have to work daily to generate the revenue, and 2) the income can come in irregularly or "passively".

There are tons of ideas out there, but I’m going to share the ones that I am successfully doing, or I know someone who is knocking it out of the park.

10 Passive Income Ideas to Help You Generate Extra Cash

Niche Notebook Design

I picked this style for myself because it has so many opportunities to scale to a 6-figure passive business. Low content book publishing or niche notebook design is the most popular field of publishing in paperback commerce. Still, it costs very little to get started and maintain this passive income model. Get started with me!

Digital Products

I like this one because it nicely complements notebook design and publishing gigs with the sale of just the downloadable cover designs and interiors. But there are other types of digital products you can create, too, like eBooks, instructional guides, and anything that you can convert to a PDF and sell online. Check out this free course on creating and selling printables.

Print on Demand

I read this article by Elenny Frometa that talks about print on demand. It works pretty much like the digital products I mentioned above. Still, instead of printables, you are placing your designs on physical products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, water flasks… and wait for it… hardcover notebooks! What?!? Once I read that I could expand my notebook design gig to spiral and hardcover notebooks, I jumped right on it!

Freelance Proofreading

Do you consider yourself an officer of the grammar police? Or maybe you are just passionate about words and stories. Being dyslexic, I am neither. However, I do have a couple of friends who make a healthy passive income as proofreaders. I don’t know anything about it except they both started with the ProofreadAnywhere free course and use Upwork to find profitable gigs. Check it out.

Social Sales

Direct selling is a 100% passive income side gig for me. I do not host parties or build massive teams. I use my smartphone to market products solely on social media, and it gives me the additional cash I need to buy extras and save for a new car. I chose Stella & Dot because it has an excellent variety of fashion and clean beauty, and supports my desire to build online.

Niche Blog / Website

This was the very first model I implemented when I decided to embrace my passive income lifestyle permanently. The key to generating extra cash as a blogger is to choose a profitable niche, use the best keywords for that niche, and then find an authentic way to monetize the site. Twins Mommy dot com got me started, and then I took a blogging course on Teachable.

Course Sales

Speaking of courses, digital courses are extremely popular. Most people use Podia, Teachable, or Thinkific to virtually learn a new skill. It is undeniably one of the best passive income ideas of 2020. I hadn’t even thought about generating extra cash this way until I took an incredible free webinar on this subject with Danielle Leslie. She got me thinking about future projects for 2021.

Photography and Illustrations as Stock Photos

Consider selling your art and other designs on my affiliate partner, Creative Market, to reach millions of potentials buyers. I haven’t uploaded anything yet, but I use Creative Market artwork every month to design covers for my notebooks and journals.

Music as Stock Music

This is something that has interested my son for many years. Now that he is an adult, he is uploading music tracks for passive income. He does it all with Logic Pro X software on his MacBook Pro. Amazing. People are always looking for original background music files for podcasts, videos, and courses. Check out Premium Beat and Stock Music for inspiration.

Steady Remote Work

Maybe not one of my passive income ideas is the right fit for you. Perhaps a smaller yet steadier income sounds more appealing. Give FlexJobs a look. I have worked part-time-remote for two private schools, a jewelry company, and a candle company in the past. Virtual employees tend to make a small fraction of what in-house employees make, and there are no medical benefits, but they do get an established amount of income regularly.


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