Drawbacks to Using Premade Journal Templates to Create Low Content Book Interiors

Using premade journal templates can help increase how many low content book interiors you can produce each month. They are affordable to purchase and can save hours of design time.

However, publishing a premade template without first editing it to make it custom to your brand could cause you to lose money, customers, or your Amazon KDP account.

Drawbacks to using premade journal templates

  • If your interior looks exactly like other interiors, you could lose professional credibility with customers.

  • Your customers could feel cheated if they realized your interior is just like another they purchased which could prompt them to leave a bad review and/or request a refund.

  • The niche market could also become saturated too fast with the same style, which will flag Amazon to take a closer look at your low content book interiors.

  • If too many people upload the same interior, Amazon could start to get direct complaints from customers.

  • Uploading a copied interior could trigger a flag for copyright infringement, which would close your account permanently.


Yeah, it could cause some trouble for you down the road. But not to worry! I got you covered.

Though I think it is perfectly acceptable to use templates, I highly recommend that you customize your templates to make them different from other published journals and notebooks on Amazon.

10 Easy Ways to Customize Premade Journal Templates

1. Rearrange the Writing Prompts

2. Match the Writing Prompt Lingo to the Niche

3. Horizontally or Vertically Flip the Layout for a New Look

4. Add More Value with Extra Writing Prompts or Personalization

5. Change the Word Size and Font

6. Add Additional Prompts

7. Change the Order of the Pages

8. Delete Some Pages and Replace Them with Custom Pages

9. Change or Add Images

10. Add an Intro or Explanation on How to Use the Notebook

I usually create my interiors from scratch because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the creative process. For me, the enjoyment of creating something new is the main reason I publish notebooks and journals. The process takes me back to my happy days as a little girl in art class.

But at times, I choose a niche that is so foreign to my lifestyle that I have no idea what the best prompts are to add to the low content book interiors. That is when I use premade journal templates for inspiration.

So, when I use a template, I make sure that I have customized it enough to look like an original design. That's the best way to use a premade template.