Why You Should Publish with Amazon KDP Too

There are quite a few platforms out there, but most profitable notebook designers publish with Amazon KDP.

The main reason is that Amazon has over 2 billion visitors per month, looking for solutions per Statista.com. That's a lot of opportunities for any book to make money online!

But there are some other big reasons too!

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Why You Should Publish with Amazon KDP

The book buyers are ready for you!

Amazon has over 2 billion web visitors a month looking for solutions to their problems. I don't know of any other online self-publishing platform that can make that statement.

Amazon KDP offers non-exclusive publishing!

There are no restrictions, and you can sell your book through other retailers or print copies to sell in boutiques and small shops.

Publishing is free!

There is no charge to get started with this platform. The printing fees are attached at the moment of purchase, not during the publishing of the book.

Make money online!

This is a quintessential passive income model because you collect passive royalties whenever your books sell--- for years to come. Earn up to 70% royalty on your book sales, depending on your cover and paper selections.

You have control over your notebooks!

When you publish with Amazon KDP, you have control of your publishing rights and list prices. Make changes or updates to your niche selections at any time or turn off the sale feature if you do not want to sell that book anymore.

It's simple to use!

There are some book measurements you will have to calculate before creating a book. But don't worry. Amazon gives you the formula to use, plus Tangent Templates offer an even easier way to calculate, as well.

Anyone can publish!

Even though established authors are jumping on the Amazon self-publishing bandwagon, you do not have to be a book author to use this platform. Most of us refer to ourselves as publishers or designers instead of authors because there are very little to no words in our books.

Lots of outside support!

Third-party software developers offer links to publishing with Amazon KDP. And there are tons of low content book publishing workshops, YouTubers, and Facebook support groups.