How I Use Pretty Paper Notebooks for Spiritual Law of Attraction Scripting

The spiritual law of attraction scripting is a technique where you write down a description of your life as if you already have what you want to manifest. It is thanking God for future blessings today.

When done sincerely and consistently, I find this is one of the best law of attraction practices out there.

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I use Bible scripture and prayer, a vision board, an affirmation app, and the spiritual law of attraction scripting to stay laser-focused on what I want for my life.

When scripting, I simply write down what I’m manifesting, how good it feels to have it, and what I’m doing with it to make my life and other lives better. If I do this regularly, I find that what I’m desiring becomes a reality much quicker.

I say “if” because, for me, it is just like taking antibiotics when I’m sick. I will take those pills religiously until the minute I feel better, and then I forget to continue to take them. But the great thing about the law of attraction is I can just pick up where I left off.

All I need to get started with the spiritual law of attraction scripting is pretty paper notebooks and my favorite pens.

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When practicing the spiritual law of attraction scripting, it’s essential to write in the present tense because it puts you in the energy that it is already yours - because it is!

Example: “I’m loving my new Metallic Grey Mercedes GLC. I’m proud that I could buy it for myself with my own money earned from creating notebooks to sell on Amazon. The leather seat feels incredibly soft as I sit and listen to my Apple Playlist while driving to the store.” (P.S. I did not have my new car at the time of this post)

Notice in the above example that I was specific in what I wanted. The spiritual law of attraction scripting aims to create a complete vision as if it has already manifested.

I always write down how I feel having what I’m manifesting. I find that it’s the feeling behind the words, not necessarily the words themselves, that make the manifestation more powerful.

Since the law of attraction is a universal “attraction-based” law, focusing on what I don’t have or don’t want in my life will bring more lack instead of abundance. Therefore, I only state what I want.

Grab some pretty paper notebooks and give it a try for 30 days!

10 Spiritual Law of Attraction Scripting Prompts for You to Try As a New Journaling Habit

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1. Write about what you are grateful for. Sometimes writing down “thank you” daily is all it takes for you to see a positive shift in your life.

2. Write down your prayers to God.

3. Write about how you feel having what you are manifesting.

4. Write about the details of having what you are manifesting, i.e., smells, colors, and textures.

5. Write about the positive changes in your life by having your manifestation.

6. Write about how you have helped others with your manifestation.

7. Write about how you read a blog post on spiritual law of attraction scripting, and now you are manifesting your desires.

8. Write about how manifesting your desire has strengthened your faith and beliefs.

9. Write about how you trusted the universal promises of God to receive your manifestation.

10. Write about how happy you are.