Quickly Discover Trending Ideas for Creating Notebooks to Sell on Amazon

Are you confused about what trending ideas are?

It can be very tricky depending on who is explaining it to you. I’ll do my best to make this subject as painless as possible.

Trending ideas are popular ideas on specific topics that attract select groups of shoppers.

More popular, yet niche down ideas, pair perfectly for creating notebooks to sell on Amazon because people are more likely to purchase a book from their favorite category.

Example: A birdwatcher is more likely to purchase a notebook with a bird on the cover.

Graphic- bird sitting on a tree branch

Anything that people are talking about or doing could potentially be profitable trending ideas for creating notebooks to sell on Amazon. Regularly paying attention to what is all around you will inspire you with some fantastic ideas for new notebooks.

10 Ways to Uncover New Trending Ideas

1. Activate notes on your smartphone or keep a notebook with you to be ready to write it down when chancing upon some inspiration from general conversations with friends and family.

2. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. Start browsing the various categories, and you will begin to uncover potential niche ideas.

3. Many obscure sub-niches have the highest potential of sales, so don’t be afraid to dive deep to find a niche that is not as obvious as others.

4. Social media is an awesome way of discovering trending ideas for a niche. Twitter and Instagram show what is currently popular in their news feeds, i.e., what people are discussing.

5. Online news magazines are excellent sites to browse upcoming markets that you could jump into before they become oversaturated.

6. Check out my resource post "25 Things to Do With Pretty Paper Notebooks" for inspiration.

Graphic - stack of notebooks

7. Browsing an online digital marketplace for courses, such as LinkedIn Learning, will give you some insight on trending ideas based on class demand.

8. One way that I find my tribe is going on Meetup.com. If people are willing to meet up in real life for something that they are passionate about, then that is a trending idea for creating notebooks to sell on Amazon.

9. Pinterest and Instagram give you a universe of trending ideas. Take a browse to see for yourself.

10. Remember your personal skills and interests! If you enjoy them, you can bet others do too.

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